Useful Links

Useful Links

On this page I have provided links to French resources which you may find very useful.  These sites contain tools for correcting grammar, French/English dictionaries, practice activities related to outcomes, among other things. 




A site that helps correct grammar in written compositions.  Simply enter text into the box provided and click on “Vérifier le texte” and any errors will become highlighted.

Bilingual dictionary.  Just select the appropriate language settings and enter the word you would like to translate and hit enter.

This site provides an innumerable amount of links to useful topics such as grammar, verbs, dictionaries, and culture.

This site allows you to translate entire sentences and paragraphs.  Caution: The translations provided often contain many errors and serve only to provide the “gist” of the text.

This site provides many activities to practice basic grammar skills and vocabulary.

Newfoundland and Labrador chapter of Canadian Parents for French.  This site provides many resources for parents of children enrolled on French programs such as Frequently Asked Questions, studies on the benefits of studying French and various programs that are available for both students and parents.

Ontario handbook for parents of children enrolled on French Immersion.  Although it is designed specifically for French Immersion, many of the suggestions on how parents can help their children are appropriate to any French course.