Sample Activities

Sample Activities

                In today’s French as a Second Language Classroom, a wide range of activities are used teach students vocabulary, grammar, and other communication skills.  Activities can include the traditional pencil and paper worksheets as well as music, drama, games and other fun exercises.  Below I have provided links and descriptions of a sample of activities that we will be doing this year. 






Materials: Several sets of number cards 0-9 each


1. Create number cards in single digits from 0-9 in different colours. Depending on how big the numbers you are reviewing are, you may need 3-4 of each digit. Give one set of cards to each team and assigning each team member to a digit(s) until all of them are covered. (For example, Jeanne est 0, 1 et 2; Paul est 3, 5, et 6; Marissa est 6 et 7; Pierre est 8 et 9.)

2. Call out a multi-digit number and students must hold out the appropriate cards and stand in the correct order so that they form that number. (i.e. for 730, Marissa would have to stand on the left with Paul next to him and Jeanne next to Paul, each holding the necessary digits.)

3. If you really want to challenge your students, add the rule that they may not move their feet but must simply s-t-r-e-t-c-h their arms to get the digits in the right order.





Materials: Chalkboard and chalk or transparency with overhead, screen



1. Set up a 6x6 gird (can be larger or smaller depending on time and ability) on the chalkboard or overhead. Ask students to supply subjects (pronouns, proper nouns, etc.) and fill them in down the left hand side. Ask students to supply verbs under study and fill them in the across the top. Split the class into two teams.

2. Students take turns trying to get three X’s or three O’s in a row, by conjugating the verb where it intersects with the pronoun of their choice. Continue until the board is full – students can extend lines of three to earn additional points. You can give bonus points for adding a complete sentence or translating the sentence. You can also allow the opposing team to “steal” the box by correcting an incorrect answer.

3. You can use this grid for anything, for example, adjectives or superlatives, etc.