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            According to the provincial Core French Curriculum Guide, Sixty percent (60%) of the Intermediate Core French program is devoted to oral communication and forty percent (40%) to written communication; this same balance needs to be maintained in evaluation.  Thus the evaluation scheme for this course is as follows:



Term Work                                                                                                            80%


                Oral Comprehension                                                      30%

                Oral Production                                                                20%

                Written Comprehension                                              15%

                Written Production                                                         15%


Exam                                                                                                                             20%


                Oral Comprehension/Production                                10%

                Written Comprehension                                                    5%

                Written Production                                                                5%



                Both oral and written communication skills will be assessed using paper and pencil tests as well as informal ongoing assessment using rubrics.  For example, as students participate in various activities, I will be monitoring each student’s oral performance. 

                Paper and pencil tests may include a set of pictures requiring the student to select the one corresponding to a description that I will give orally.  For example, I may have a picture of a bird, a cat, and a horse.  I may then say “this animal has wings, a beak, sings, etc” and the student will have to select the appropriate answer.  For written production, for example, I may require the student to write about his/her hobbies.  Keep in mind that, as outlined above, the 60-40 balance of oral and written will be maintained in any evaluation.  Please consult the folling link for more information on evaluation policies in Intermediate Core French.